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Membership - Please participate in the Society’s activities and its work and projects in preserving Newbury’s history by becoming a member.  Becoming a member of the Society is easy and we encourage you to join us today!

membership level price
Individual $10.00
Family $20.00
Business $50.00
Life $200.00
Family Life $300.00

Volunteer  -  The Newbury Historical Society welcomes those who would like to add their talents to the Society.  Please contact any Board member to discuss the current volunteer opportunities that are available.

Donation  -  We gratefully accept tax-deductible donations of financial support. We encourage donations of appropriate pictures and documents. Donations help ensure the preservation of our cultural resources and history and fund our on-going projects and future endeavors. Additionally, you could choose to support one of our current projects listed below:

Current projects  
• Catalog and preserve the collection in Sherman Hall • Historic house marker project
• Present programs at Annual Meeting, other meetings • Newsletters
• Town History Book (with Town of Newbury) • Maintain our website
• Present Newbury Cane to new recipients